I remember owning my first pair of Jordan sneakers in 4th grade. My dad purchased them at an outlet one weekend and I was obsessed. To this day, I still remember the black and white shoe with forest green suede detailing. Ahh, nostalgia. Although my parents purchased other tennis shoes for me, those were my all time favorite. That shoe may have been the spark of my love for sneakers. There’s nothing better than a nice pair of tennis shoes, especially when you’re using them for their true purpose by taking Houston tennis lessons. Even so, a great pair of tennis shoes can fit in in literally any situation.

Since then, I have owned many pairs of tennis shoes. Nike, Adidas, Vans, Puma, Reebok, Converse… You name it, and it has more than likely been in my closet at some point in time (except Yeezy’s, way too expensive for a college student) Needless to say, the love I have for sneakers goes beyond the appearance of them. Although the style of the shoe is what draws me in, what keeps me coming back is the comfort that they provide. I can go anywhere without worrying about a strap breaking or a heel getting caught in the cracks of pavement.

IMG_0859In October of last year, I was a coordinator for a pageant and in the midst of running back and fourth backstage I completely forgot that I had on tennis shoes when I got on stage to crown one of the girls. It wasn’t until afterwards when someone said to me, “You’re the only person that could pull off a dress and sneakers”, that I looked down and gasped at my footwear. It was not in my plan to wear them; I packed my heels in my purse but I never had time to put them on.

Needless to say, there are many ways that you can wear tennis shoes without having to pair them with denim and basic tees; that can get boring really quickly. I’ve found that sneakers, like Vessi shoes, go just as well with dresses and skirts. Here are a few tricks of the trade so that you too can pull off sneakers in a more feminine way:

  1. Pair them with pieces that compliment them instead of clashing. The best way to do this is to find a color that is like to a color in the shoe; or if the shoe is neutral, use a pop of color to offset the neutral balance.
  2. Stay away from bulky shoes. You know the ones that make your feet feel heavy or seems to swallow your entire foot? An easy way to know is to ask yourself, “am I wearing the shoe or is the shoe wearing me?” Stay lightweight.
  3. Don’t be afraid! In any outfit, confidence is always key. If you look uncomfortable or unsure of yourself, people will be able to tell.
  4. Have one extremely feminine element up-top. By this I mean, a purse, statement necklace, or even a sequin skirt (pictured below) will balance out the sneakers so that your outfit doesn’t scream “tomboy”.

Below are a few examples of how you can wear sneakers with dresses and skirts:

Until next time, Stay Stylish!

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