1. Thigh High boots


Thigh high boots are now a fall essential. They go great with short dresses and skirts.

2.Distressed Shirt


Distressed shirts are what every girl is wearing right now. If you make your own, no one will have the same shirt as you, or even if you buy one it’s hard to replicate the exact same design, so every shirt is unique.

3.Clear Heels


The clear shoes trend is very big right now, and every fashionable girl is wearing them. Shoes like these go perfectly with dresses, especially nude tone ones.

4. Velvet Dress


Velvet evening dresses are very popular right now due to the fall season. The finish of the fabric gives the dress a luxurious look.

5. Choker


Every girl needs a choker. There is such a diverse range of chokers for you to chose from. There are bling chokers, metallic chokers, velvet chokers, tie chokers, fishnet chokers, and the classic 90’s jelly choker. These are the perfect accessory to any outfit, so if you want some, you can get fashionable chokers here!

6. Lace up shirt/dress


Lace up tops are perfect for going out. The lace up allows you to show off a little skin in a classy way. These tops go great with high waisted jeans and skirts.

7. Bomber Jacket


Since it’s getting colder, everyone needs to start layering up. A bomber jacket is the perfect layer to have in your closet. Besides being so cute, they go with anything, whether it be a top and jeans, leggings, or even a dress.

8. Button up skirt


These skirts are perfect for fall. These skirts are usually made of denim or corduroy, which are essential fall fabrics.

9. Choker shirt/dress


Choker dresses and shirts are very convenient because they already have a choker constructed into the garment. The best part about these pieces is that you have a choker that perfectly matches your outfit.

10. Oversized shirt/sweater


Thigh high boots have helped make oversized sweaters and shirts popular. Pairing the two together make a great outfit, and on top of that oversized shirts are very comfortable.

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