Pretty Girls Like Trap Music artist 2 Chainz mixed dressy with athletic attire. He paired a patterned button up shirt that he wore open with gold trains, cropped pants, and black sneakers.

Baron Davis’ look was definitely one of the more unique ones of the night. He wore a white button up shirt, with a black sweater tied around his shoulders with burgundy patterned pants with pink reflective sneakers. This look is being referred to as pajama chic.

Chadwick Boseman is wearing a taupe striped Ferragamo suit paired with a white button up and brown boots. While this is a simple look the suit still stands out because of its color.

The host of the night, Drake went for the classic white jacket and undershirt with black pants combination. The rapper finished off this Tom Ford ensemble with a black bowtie.

Draymond Green had one of the most standout looks from the awards ceremony. Green paired a teal jacket that had black detailing with black shorts. Green accessorized his outfit with black shoes, a black bowtie, and a silver lapel pin. This look would have been much more of hit if green had opted for full length pants, that would make anyone who loves shopping at a store such as Unionbay.

Rapper Fabolous is known for his stand out style. For the NBA awards he was channeling the embroidery and patchwork look which is trending right now. Fabolous went for an all black look consisting of his jacket that was covered in patches. He accented his outfit with two gold chains.

James Harden was killing it with his outfit for the night. Harden went for a dark blue green suit which he paired with brown boots and a floral undershirt. Wearing an unconventional color and a pattern are two bold outfit choices, especially when wearing a suit but Harden pulled it off effortlessly.

John Wall also went for an unconventional color by wearing a red suit. He paired this suit with a black tie, a white undershirt and red sneakers that had a bit of animal print on them as well.

Jon Batiste went for a slightly more casual look for the night. He paired a grey tweed jacket with a black v-neck, black skinny jeans, and black Jordans. Batiste’s outfit gives off laid back and cool vibes.

Blackish star Miles Brown attended the NBA Awards in style. The tiny actor wore a blue and purple plaid jacket that he matched with blue pants and a purple tie. His brown shoes fit perfectly with his overall look.

Nick Cannon is giving off Aladdin vibes with his outfit. The Wild n Out host Wore a sage green turban which matched with his shoes. He paired a burgundy jacket with a burgundy vest a checked pants. This look is unique but Cannon definitely pulled it off.

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