As new rap artists are arising there is a constant debate on how rap has evolved. Recently the XXL magazine shot the annually known Freshmen Class which features new artists. When the cover was released controversy arose on who didn’t deserve to be on the cover, and who has. The general assessment of majority of the artists’ careers were developed on current term ad lib rap.

This trend has just recently started as the new generation prefers music that more so sounds good than for it to have substance. Some would consider that this new style of music is actually where the future of rap is headed. While there are others who believe this version of music will only be seasonal, and we will revert back to substance rappers. A lot of rappers who have been rapping for sometime have transitioned into this form of rapping as well therefore it is all we’re hearing. Rappers who would fall under the ad lib style are Lil Uzi, Desiigner, and 21 Savage. Those who would fall under the substance rappers are J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Chance the rapper.

As the controversy continues, recently Lil Yatchy did an interview discussing the older rappers making insulting statements on the way the current rappers do music. Lil Yatchy went on to say he’s aware of how his music sounds, and he feels as though music is heading in that direction. I felt he had some good points that the younger generation wants to have fun, and don’t too much care on what music sounds like. Although I agreed with this statement it can potentially be a sad reality due to the fact that the course of music may actually change, or all rappers music are intertwining to play music for everyones ears.

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