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As the past couple of years have shown, more and more bands and artists alike are trying to up their game in order to provide their audiences a memorable experience unlike any other. Whether it be dropping surprise albums and music videos, to upping the performance levels of their shows, musicians are all pushing the boundaries when it comes to the level of creativity that they bring to their group, and the band Pierce the Veil is no exception. The group, commonly known for their punk rock sound, is aiming to bring about a whole new idea of how to successfully promote a new album.  On May 13th, 2016, Pierce the Veil will be releasing their fourth studio album called Misadventures. In order to increase the hype for the upcoming album on April 7th, 2016 they announced their upcoming tour, called “The Misadventures Tour”. Only the band, composed of Vic Fuentes as lead vocals, Mike Fuentes on drums, Jaimie Preciado as bass and Tony Perry as lead guitarist, have concocted a new plan to give their fans and new and unique tour experience.

What makes this tour different from previous Pierce the Veil tours, or simply any other tours in general, is that the set list for the shows is specifically the new record. That’s right, the band will be playing their new record from start to finish – a new idea as most bands commonly play a series of new and old songs when they go on tour; aiming to please the crowd with old hits, instead of throwing in completely new material. It’s an exciting concept, but one that could be risky. Bands generally tend to be more hesitant about playing a heavy amount of their more recent content as there is a bigger chance that the audience won’t be as familiar with the new music as opposed to the older, more popular songs. Beyond the risk, there is also the opportunity to have an epic show. With such hype for the upcoming album and such a bevy of loyal fans behind them, the group can be confident that most of their fans will have the new songs memorized before the tour even begins. And besides, how many times can someone say that they watched a band play their album cover to cover? In the end, this kind of a risk is worth the reward.

The band has only released one song from their new album, called “Texas is Forever”, a song that doesn’t stray far from Pierce the Veil’s collective sound. Known for their punk rock infusion and the piercing scream of Vic Fuentes, this latest single seems to promise that their upcoming album will be just as powerful as their previous three, and will most likely attempt to push the envelope in the same way that their tour does. In the end, Pierce the Veil is aiming to do what they do best – deliver great music that never feels the need to stay inside the box.


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