Not just sometimes, but all the time. Since posting his first song, “Thru It All” 8 months ago, a young Florida rapper by the name of Wintertime (formerly Wintertime Zi) has been working hard. Aside from just hooks and features, Wintertime has his first single on iTunes and three projects including an EP featuring Atlanta’s “King of the Youth” himself, Lil Yachty. In his first song, “Thru It All,” he calmly tells listeners about the struggles he’s endured and how he plans to get money and stunt on everyone that hated and doubted him. “I been going through it all/ back all against the wall/ trying hard not to fall/ all I wanted was to ball.” The beat, produced by him, is simple but works perfectly with the verses and hook. Over the next few months he drops three songs: “You Can Go,” produced by himself again, “Give Me The,” produced by Colby Crump, and “U Can’t,” produced by Gold.  These three songs lay the ground work for his sound and let fans know what exactly to expect from his music. Wintertime gives impeccable stunt/flex lines such as, “I’ma ball like JJ Reddick,” “She top me off cause I’m poppin off,” and “We go out to eat and she hold the door for me.”  Wintertime is all about business when comes to rapping. He’s about his money and about his team and his next drop clearly showed that.

This past February, Burberry Perry posted Wintertime and Yachty’s EP Hey Honey Lets Spend Wintertime On A Boat. The five track project is executively produced by Perry and holds a feature from Nessly. Each song is riddled with stunt rhymes and lines playing on Wintertime and Yachty’s names; the last track, “Wintertime On A Boat,” is a prime example. The EP scored hundreds of thousands of SoundCloud plays per song. Riding this wave, the next month Wintertime posts his first solo mixtape I Don’t Play Defense. This is classic Wintertime. His colorful cast of young producers include: Larry League’s SenseiATL, Elijah Denzel, TaySlay, Brandon The Producer, and God Dinero Musik. Throughout the six songs he flexes on haters, shouts out grade school doubters, and brings all the “slidery”. He’s the “finessing professor” as he self-proclaims in the hit, “Flexing Kurt Angle.” He slides all over the beat on, “Surf Like This,” explaining that no matter how hard you try you simply can’t be Wintertime.


Wintertime’s latest mixtape cover.

April 11, 2016, Wintertime does it again giving us his I Know What You Did Last Winter mixtape. Production credits go to Taz Taylor, Gold, Milo, and Wintertime. On, “Bye Felicia,” “Keylolo ”and“ 3am,” he slightly tones down his flexing and shows a little emotion. He rejects an eager girl who is too late to be with him and pronounces that he only wants one girl and the others don’t matter to him. His first hit, “Thru It All” gets an ILoveMakonnen feature that sympathizes with Wintertime’s isolation and the doubts he receives. April 20th Erykah Badu gives us her version of “Thru It All.” Wintertime is on the cusp of stardom and he’s clearly ready for it, just give him a chance. Better now before it’s, “Winter all in ya mouth.”

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