Trying to get my thoughts together, some left out because they’re not clever, some I toss because I don’t feel’ em. How could I put them on paper or type them onto my keypad, my fingers stop the rhythm while my heads telling me to type that!

Go ‘head and write that, go ‘head and don’t doubt it, if you deny that feeling, might as well lie about it, might as well cry about it. It’s a place of no comfort but get it while it’s given, dismiss the sense of fear, for a time to reminisce it.

It be whatever you feeling, whenever you’re willing, regret it when you thought not, not thinking you should spill it. Don’t waste it, embrace it, dig deeper to chase it, research it to trace it. In case, just in case that moment comes to greet you, let it fill you up, let it come to treat you.

Every moment is special, every reason has meaning, every second irreversible, ever word has reasoning. The pressure to perfect it, let not haunt you, taunt you or press you, misplace you or stress you, daunting it seems, the font should not oppress you.

Topic regulations overwhelm your perfection, the more you think about it, the more you’ll forget it, the best work we’ll never know if we leave it in shadows, overthink its beauty, then forsake its glow. Better let the pen bleed and tell all your stories, express your uniqueness, expose all your glory.

-Plychette Montgomery

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