Fashion is an entity–a lifestyle, that some take lightly and others take far too serious. While a fashion designer’s job is to be the upmost creative in an constantly-changing industry, many designers do have us questioning whether some of there products are geared towards really anyone that isn’t pre-2016 Lady Gaga or David Bowie (RIP). A lot of what some upscale fashion designers are making have no business in the average working-womens’ closet. The appliques, the shape and the 12 inch heels amounts to nothing sexy, but do make a great collector’s item I suppose. I’m not completing knocking these boots by the way; I just wish that designers were focused on the everyday women and were more practical with their products.

Here are some of my #WTFMoments from this year’s designer Fall/Winter collections:



I love the complementary colors of these boots, but I can help but think this poor woman’s zipper snagged on all the nearby Persian carpets and took all the tassels with it. Small tassels would’ve done these boots justice.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

I’ll give Marc Jacobs a pass on this one, as well as a big hug to the models who were able to effortlessly walk down the runway in these platforms and the stylists that had to buckle every single one of those straps on.



You know the nasty feeling you get when pouring-hard rain reaches your socks? Yeah, I’ll pass on this one.


Dolce and Gabbana

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love these boots. They’re crazy in a good way. They also remind me of the flower clips my mother put on the end of my braids as a child. Yes, someone is bound to buy these. But these are shoes that you can’t wear twice without it being noticed.



I’m getting major Madagascar movie vibes from these shoes, and that’s not a good thing.

Unfortunately, some boots aren’t made for walking. What is the craziest pair of shoes you’ve seen on a runway?

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