Even though he denied a lot of the rumors of him being released today, Florida rapper, XXXTENTACION is free! Him being released was highly anticipated in the music community. I’ve personally been waiting for him to be released myself.

Even though he is out, the county of Broward (in Florida) gave him probation for armed home invasion and aggravated assault.

Early today he tweeted that at 8 P.M. he will be on Miami’s 103.5 radio station.

He also changed his avi on twitter.

While he was in jail, he gained more and more fans each day. His song “Look At Me” even became No. 95 on the Billboard Charts.

Despite what has happened to him in his past, it’s clear that people still love him and his music.

I’m extremely excited to see him take over. I can’t wait to hear all the new music he drops, and possibly, see any new clothing. MAYBE HE’LL EVEN GO ON TOUR 🙂

He has a handful of projects coming out this year. (17, I Need Jesus, Members Only Vol. 3 and maybe Bad Vibes??)

Stay tuned to see what else X has in store.



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