Rapper Kanye West has recently launched a 12-piece collection of gold chains and rings on his Yeezy Supply store website as part of Yeezy Season 4. To make these pieces, Kanye collaborated with famous jeweler Jacob Arabo. Although Kanye’s pieces are dope, people’s jaws are dropping at the shocking prices. People should not be surprised however because West is notoriously known for overpricing his merchandise that can easily be found for a much lower price. Kanye’s rings range from $1000 to $9000 while his chains go from a little less than $10000 to around $14000. One twitter user responded to the release of Ye’s new jewelry by comparing the prices to a semester of college tuition.

Another person tweeted joking about the fact that even though Kanye’s prices are through the roof, stans will still buy them just so they can brag about having a Yeezy chain.

The pieces themselves might remind someone of an artifact that you might find in a museum as Yeezy seems to have pulled influence from the artwork and jewelry of ancient times. Kanye’s chains all have gold pendants that seem to predict biblical images on them, such as the Virgin Mary and angels. Kanye’s rings are fairly simple in appearance however one does seem to feature some sort of ancient script being inscribed across the knuckle. Perhaps in the future he’ll use some gemstones in his sets to give them a more standout appearance. Maybe he should speak to jewelers running an About Us campaign for ideas. Still, the gold set is striking in its own way, and another ring from Yeezy’s collection features the words “A God” and “Dream” inscribed around the band in all capital letters. Although these prices are crazy expensive, the pieces are still dope so don’t be surprised to see Kanye fans that you know rocking these pieces sometime in the near future.

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