There is no winning when it comes to run-ins with the police these days and I’m sick of it. A serious police reform is very much needed here and everywhere else in the world.

I had a run in with the police on my way to the store today and I did all the right things(i.e.: Charles Kinsey, Philando Castile, and many more). I was respectful, I apologized for whatever I did wrong and yet I still was treated like shit.
“I’m sorry officer.” I said in my caucasian(don’t get offended, Joanne taught me) tone
“Oh you’re going to be sorry.”
Excuse me? The most sickening part is that this was coming from a BLACK cop. A BLACK cop who has a BLACK mom and probably a BLACK wife. How could you speak to a woman who shares the same skin as you in such a condescending, threatening tone? Silly me for thinking a black cop would have a sliver of sympathy for me. Hell, these cops are all the same color, blue. I don’t care if a cop has a bad day, if I am respectful to you then you need to reciprocate the same vibes. These cops walk around with a God complex and think that because they’re on the same side as the law that they are also above it. I mean what the fuck are they teaching cops in police academies? Thankfully I made it out fine and ALIVE but this incident just goes to show that there is no right way to address a cop. I try to avoid cops at all times and I even get severe anxiety when I drive alongside them. Isn’t that crazy? Are cops supposed to serve and protect? Because I’ve never been in a situation where a cop has done me any good.
Things like this happens and it makes me want to hate cops but I know that would be wrong because there are GOOD cops. It might be very rare but they are cops out there who genuinely want to serve and protect not shoot and kill.

PS: Invest in a dashboard cam (if you live in an area heavily populated by cops/ are always targeted by cops) and ALWAYS record your conversation with cops when you’re pulled over.

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